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Your child's school has subscribed to Doodle!

Are you a parent of a child with a school subscription? Follow these steps to get started with Doodle!

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🎉 Great news! Your child's school subscribed to Doodle. DoodleMath uses our award-winning algorithm to create every child a personalized work program tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. Doodle revises the areas they’re finding challenging and consolidates what they already know, helping to top-up and maintain their learning. By setting work at just the right level of challenge, it enables all children to work independently and experience success, helping to boost their confidence.

Step 1 - Accessing DoodleMath

If you are using a tablet you will need to download the learning apps, you will be able to do this by going to Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore or the Google Play.

You will be able to find a list of phones and devices that can be used with DoodleMath here.

DoodleMath can be accessed via a PC/laptop using a Google Chrome, Safari or a Microsoft Edge browser with this link: DoodleMath

You will be able to log in using the school provided login details. If your child has been given and username and password, follow these steps. If your child has been given a class code, follow these steps.

Step 2 - Link your family email address

Linking your family email to your child's school account is really important (and really easy!) to do. By linking your family email you will be able to monitor your child's progress on the free DoodleConnect app or on the Families Dashboard. This will help ensure that you make the most out of your child's subscription to Doodle!

Step 3 - Encourage and monitor your child's progress

Now the fun part! Encourage your child to Doodle little and often, by building it into your daily routine. Doodle after breakfast, on the way to school or before bed -whatever works for you. 10 minutes of Doodling a day and you will see a boost in confidence and ability in just 6 weeks!

💡 Need more help? Feel free to contact our lovely customer support team by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen, they will be happy to help!

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