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What is the difference between DoodleMaths and DoodleMath?
What is the difference between DoodleMaths and DoodleMath?

DoodleMaths and DoodleMath are curriculum aligned to help your child boost confidence, build skills and have fun learning.

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Covering the core areas of math, DoodleMaths and DoodleMath belong to the DoodleLearning suite of educational apps by Discovery Education.

DoodleLearning's award winning apps create each child a personalized work program tailored to their needs, helping to boost their confidence and fluency in math. Available on tablets, phones, desktops and laptops, DoodleMaths and DoodleMath transform math practice into a fun, rewarding adventure!

Customers located within the UK have access to DoodleMaths. DoodleMaths is designed for children ages 4-14 and is fully aligned to the EYFS, KS1, KS2 and KS3 curriculums.

Previously known as DoodleMaths in the US, DoodleMath has been launched exclusively for US-based customers. DoodleMath brings brand-new content for kindergarten through 5th grade and is fully aligned to the US common core standards.

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