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How can Doodle's motivational features help keep my child Doodling and learning?
How can Doodle's motivational features help keep my child Doodling and learning?
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DoodleMath contains lots of fantastic motivational features designed to encourage 10 minutes of Doodling a day. Below are some highlights of the key ways we keep learning fresh and engaging.

Earning a streak

In tune with our ‘little and often’ philosophy, children can earn a streak by completing one or more exercises a day for consecutive days. Earning a streak is a fantastic way for children to see their hard work and determination pay off. In fact, lots of Doodlers like to challenge themselves to see the highest streak they can earn!

Although earning a super-high streak is very rewarding, we recommend that children take regular breaks in achieving their streaks. For example, they could earn a 30-day streak and have a few day’s rest before working towards another month’s streak.

Collecting stars

Children earn stars for answering questions correctly or playing educational games.

In DoodleMath, they can use these stars to build their very own robot and purchase stylish accessories for it. There are even seasonal exclusives to keep an eye out for, including interactive fireworks and a Santa hat!


Designed to celebrate each child's hard work and determination, rewards will help to inspire them in their learning, encouraging them to use Doodle for a few minutes each day.

You can create rewards to celebrate your child or students’ achievements in Doodle. These can be anything of your choosing, from a movie night to a walk in the park!

You can choose how many stars you’d like each reward to be worth, making them a great way to promote positive learning behaviors and help each child progress in their learning. And best of all, you can create them in just a few clicks. Find out more at this link.

Educational games

As a core part of our motivational features, there are lots of fun educational games in our apps which are designed to develop a variety of key skills.

In DoodleMath, children can have fun playing the (very messy!) Bakery Blast to Monkey Mania.


Doodle’s badges have bright, colourful designs and are automatically awarded for achieving key goals, such as earning a spectacular streak or a new high score in a game. Along with stars and streaks, badges reward children for their effort and determination. This helps to boost each child’s confidence and ensures that all learners can achieve them, regardless of their ability.

Badges are designed to be earned at regular intervals, encouraging children to use Doodle ‘little and often’ as they work towards achievable goals.

Children will gradually unlock new badges as they progress, giving them fresh goals to work towards. With over 100 badges to collect, there’s always something new for them to discover, helping to keep them motivated and engaged throughout their learning journey.

Learners can view all of the badges they’ve earned and their progress towards new ones at any time, letting them see just how far they’ve come and encouraging them to feel proud of their own achievements.

Seasonal activities

The changing seasons bring even more fun to our apps, providing a fantastic reason to log back in regularly to see what’s new.

We’re always developing our seasonal offerings, so be sure to check back regularly!

Here at Doodle, we’re always developing new motivational features and interesting, innovative ways to keep Doodling engaging and rewarding. Be sure to log in to our apps regularly to discover what’s new!

💡 Need more help? Feel free to contact our lovely customer support team by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen, they will be happy to help!

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