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You can now create rewards to celebrate your students' achievements in Doodle. These can be anything of your choosing, from an extra 10 minutes of play time to a space on the semesterly pizza party!

Designed to celebrate each child's hard work and determination, rewards will help to inspire them in their learning, encouraging them to use Doodle for a few minutes each day. Rewards give your pupils even more opportunities to spend their hard earned DoodleStars.

You can choose how many stars you’d like each reward to be worth, making them a great way to promote positive learning behaviors and help each child progress in their learning. And best of all, you can create them in just a few clicks 🎉

How to create a reward for your pupil

1. Log in to the Educators Dashboard

2. Hover over Manage and press Rewards

3. Select the Create Reward button

4. Enter a reward of your choosing - the more creative, the better! (there's a 20 word limit for this)

5. Enter the number of stars required to unlock their reward

6. Select the students you’d like to set the reward for - you can choose to assign to a whole class or individuals within a class

7. Press Create; the goal will then appear in your child's DoodleMath account

You can visit then visit the Rewards page at any time to see the rewards you’ve created and whether your students have unlocked them. From this page of the Educators Dashboard, you'll be able to see:

  • What rewards you've set

  • How many stars each one is worth

  • Who the reward is for

  • Its status (available to buy or purchased)

  • The Delete reward button (the blue x icon)

  • A tickbox to mark rewards as redeemed. This will mark a reward as ‘used’ in your child's app

To edit any reward details, simple click on the row of the reward and this will bring up a Create reward box. Any changes made will be reflected in the child apps.

*Only available rewards can be edited and deleted. Bought or redeemed rewards can’t be edited or deleted.

How can my students view Rewards in their app?

Your pupils can view these rewards by visiting DoodleMath.

  1. Log in to Doodle

  2. Select the menu icon in the top left-hand corner of the Learning Zone

  3. Click on Stars and press Rewards

Any rewards you’ve created for them will automatically appear on this page. The Rewards Shop tab will show any rewards that have been set for the child. The Purchased tab shows any rewards that have been bought by the child.

  • A grey box shows rewards that your pupil hasn’t yet unlocked

  • A colored box shows rewards that your pupil has unlocked

  • Any rewards that have been redeemed will be marked as 'Used'

When a user taps on a reward they have enough stars for, it opens up a box that includes more detail about the reward (title, number of stars needed and who created it) and a Buy Reward button.

Once purchased, the reward will now move from the Reward Shop tab to the Purchased tab.

For a guided tour on the Rewards section on the Educators Dashboard please click the button below:

If you have any questions or would like any further support with using Rewards, please reach out to our Customer Success team via the green chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the page - we'll be more than happy to help 😊

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