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What is the Educators Dashboard?

An overview of the Educators Dashboard

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The landing page of the Educators Dashboard has been designed to provide teachers with a useful snapshot of how their class is using DoodleMath and the progress they are making. In addition, teachers are clearly signposted to the areas of the dashboard where they can find more detailed information.

At the top of the landing page, the Student effort section provides a breakdown of the number of students who have Doodled in the last 7 days, the number of stars each student has earned, the percentage of students in the green zone and the amount of time students have spent on questions.

Below this, teachers will be able to see a range on information including:

  • How many topics the students have completed in the last 7 days

  • How many children are currently in Doodle Placement

  • Class streak highlights

  • How many students have completed a given assignment

It is useful to note that slides will only be displayed if there has been appropriate activity recorded in the last 7 days. There are a total of 4 possible slides to view.

From each of the slides, teachers will be able to navigate to the appropriate 'View' pages of the Educators dashboard.

On the right hand side of the page you can see Notifications. Here teachers will be able to view important messages from both Partner Success Managers and the Doodle Product team, as well as find handy links to relevant resources.

Below this, you'll see activity information, highlighting recent notable events or activities achieved by your students.

Further down the page is information on actions that need to be taken, here you will find information and links to areas of the Educators Dashboard where an action is required. Examples include, confirming linked students, viewing questions saved to 'Tricky Questions' and authorizing rewards for students.

At the footer of the landing page, teachers can find permanent links to frequently-accessed areas, such as:

  • The DoodleMath student app

  • Resources

  • Doodle's help center

  • Class/school impact reports. Please note that impact reports will only be available after 3 months of usage.

By using the drop down menu on Manage you can access your Teachers, Students, Classes & Groups:

  • Teachers: here a lead teacher can view all teacher accounts; teachers will not see this tab on their Educators Dashboard.

  • Classes & Groups: here you can view your existing classes, import new classes from Discovery, and create groups within a class.

  • Students: this allows you to view all of your students' details. Here you can edit My Friends settings and reinstate students' streaks. You can also edit the date of birth for a student.

  • Rewards: You can now create rewards to celebrate your pupils’ achievements in Doodle. These can be anything of your choosing, from an extra 10 minutes of play time, to a class party!

Within Assignments, you can set a specific exercise linked to a particular curriculum topic.

  • Set: From here you can browse our extensive range of curriculum content and set a 15 question assignment for your pupils on any topic of your choosing.

  • Analyze: Within Analyze you can monitor how well your students have got on with a particular Assignment you have set. You can see their accuracy, number of attempts and time taken.

  • Create custom: If you want to create your very own custom Assignment - you can! You can even share this with your colleagues so it is available for them to use too.

In order to monitor your students' progress in DoodleMath, you need to click on the Work programs drop down menu.

  • View effort: This allows you to view a breakdown of the stars and streaks earned by your students.

  • View coverage: This presents useful data about what a student is working on and the different types of activities they have completed, from the very first moment they start Doodling.

  • View progress: Here you can view class and/ or an individual student's progress according the the percentage of end of year objectives covered for a particular year group.

  • View placement: Here you can view a more detailed analysis of each student's performance within their Doodle Placement. Here you can also set a Doodle Placement.

Under your name in the far right corner you can view your account details and update your Educator PIN. To edit your account details, go to the Discovery Education platform page.

💡 Need more help? Feel free to contact our lovely customer support team by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen, they will be happy to help!

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