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Student's work is not showing on the Educators Dashboard
Student's work is not showing on the Educators Dashboard

Student is completing Doodling but I can't see it on the Educators Dashboard in Work Program > View Effort

Updated over a week ago

If your students are completing work and this is not showing on your Educators Dashboard it could be for a couple of reasons:

  1. They are using the wrong account. Make sure they are using the account linked to your class. You can check the username for this by heading to Manage > Students and selecting your class from the drop down menu. The username will be displayed here. More information on checking the account they are using can be found here.

  2. They are using different devices. Children can use different devices to Doodle. If they are switching between devices they just need to make sure:

    1. They have internet connection when working so that the work syncs to the server. If they need to Doodle offline, they just need to make sure they use the same device whilst offline and then when they do have internet connection login on this same device so that the work syncs through to our server.

    2. The devices are running our latest app versions. For latest app versions please see here. We recommend setting automatic app updates on your device - for information on how to do that on your device please see here.

If students are still having problems with work syncing/saving this help center article is useful.

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