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What are Concept Explanations?
What are Concept Explanations?

Helping your child learn and understand new topics

Updated over a week ago

Before each New this Week, Assignment and Power Up, Doodle will explain new topics to your child to build their understanding of new areas of learning.

Interactive elements

Every topic explanation contains a short explanation as well as interactive elements. Children will be encouraged to complete these as they're guided through the new topic to support and reinforce their understanding.

They'll need to complete each element before they can move on to the next part of the explanation or go on to their exercise.

The interactive parts of the explanation have been designed so that a child should be able to answer them correctly even if the topic is new to them. They won't lose any stars if they answer incorrectly on their first attempt.

A child will be able to earn up to eight stars for completing the interactive elements in an explanation.

Accessing concept explanations through the Help menu

If a child is struggling with answering a particular question, they can view concept explanation through the Help menu.

If a child accesses it this way, they won't have to answer the interactive elements, but they can if they'd like to. If they do answer the interactive elements this way, they won't receive any stars.

πŸ’‘ Need more help? Feel free to contact our lovely customer support team by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen, they will be happy to help!


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