What is DoodleConnect?

Download the family app to keep an eye on your child's progress within DoodleMath

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There are two ways to keep track of your child's progress: The Families Dashboard OR the DoodleConnect app.

The first thing to do is to download the DoodleConnect app onto your Apple or Android device.

Next, you'll need to tap on the region toggle and select which country's server you wish to interact with, depending upon where you are located in the world. There are four options to choose from, UK, USA, EU and Rest of the world.

The region toggles are shown as flags on the sign in page of the DoodleConnect app

Then, use your family Doodle login details to sign into the DoodleConnect app.

Along the bottom you will see a menu bar. Here you can switch between Analysis, Notifications, Help and Settings.

The menu bar shows icons, a graph indicated analysis, a bell is for notifications, a question mark for help and a cog for settings


Within this section you will see be able to see:

  • Your child's weekly star target and whether they are within their green zone or not

  • The number of DoodleStars earned each day and their current streak

  • Your child's progress analysis - the % of grade work covered will be clearly displayed. If a goal has been set, this will be show as a green line on the chart. Tap on the little square icon in the top right hand corner to expand the chart and for more information.

The DoodleConnect app shows an overview of your child's effort and progress in DoodleMath, including a target gauge to show if they are meeting their weekly target and a graph to show DoodleStars earned over the last seven days.

If you child is currently completing a Doodle Placement you'll see additional information below the Target section. You will be able see how many lessons your child will need to complete for their Doodle Placement, how many of those lessons have/have not already been completed as well as how many DoodleStars have been earned since starting their Doodle Placement.


The notifications section provides a live newsfeed of your child’s achievement so you can keep a track of their Doodling. Here you will receive notifications when your child:

  • Earns a badge

  • Updates their streak

  • Is in their green zone

  • Completes an Assignment or New this Week

  • Purchases an accessory for their avatar

The notification section gives a daily update of your child's achievements.


Need help or support with Doodle? Simply tap on the question mark icon, and this will bring up our Help Center where you can search our extensive collection of support articles or send us a message and speak to one of the friendly customer success team who will be happy to help.


Within the settings section, you will be directed to manage your subscriptions and account details and importantly, manage push notifications on your device. Enabling push notifications ensures that you are always keeping up to date with your child's Doodling! You will receive a notification on your devices when your child:

  • Earns a badge

  • Updates their streak

  • Is in their green zone

Please note, to receive notifications from us you will need to enable them both in our app (by toggling Push Notifications) and also in your device settings.

The setting section has buttons to click on which will enable you to update subscriptions and account details. You can also tap on the button to change device notifications setting as well as toggle notifications on or off. There is also a log out button on this page too.

💡 Need more help? Feel free to contact our lovely customer support team by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen, they will be happy to help!

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