Where can children view their streak?
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With the recent update to the Doodle programs, we’ve decided to reduce the emphasis placed on streaks.

We know that maintaining streaks can be stressful for children as they may feel under pressure to use Doodle every day, even if they're not feeling in the right frame of mind or would like some time off.

Streaks can also be very upsetting to lose, particularly when they’re longer streaks of over thirty days. When children lose their streak they are often so disheartened that they don't want to start Doodling again, which can lead to a loss of confidence in their learning.

To help prevent this, we’ve reduced the importance of streaks by making them a less noticeable feature in our programs. For example, we no longer announce a child’s current streak at the end of each exercise.

Rather than encouraging children to earn long streaks, we recommend that learners take regular breaks from using Doodle and earn smaller, more manageable streaks. For example, they could earn a 30-day streak and take a two day break before earning another 30-day streak.

Using Doodle in this way promotes a healthy usage of technology and supports each child’s well-being by giving them smaller, more achievable goals.

Where can children view their streak?

Children can still view their streak by tapping on the target gauge in the Learning Zone.

If a child misses a day, they can restore their streak by completing two exercises the following day. A message will appear in the Learning Zone prompting them to do this.

Rather than using streaks as a way to motivate children to use Doodle ‘little and often’, we encourage children to aim to stay in the green zone. Each child is set a weekly star target by Doodle which is designed to keep them on track in their learning. Once they’ve met this target, they’ll be in the green zone.

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