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DoodleMath Placements help to position children within a grade

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Teachers will now be able to view a more detailed analysis of each student's performance within this new and exciting placement feature!

View placement is accessible from the Work Programs menu of the Educators Dashboard.

You can view data for a whole class or individual student by toggling between the Class overview and Student view options at the top of the graph.

Class overview

By selecting the Class overview, teachers will be able to see where each student has been positioned within the curriculum's objectives based on their performance in the placement exercises.

The graph's default view arranges the students alphabetically by their first name (Child name), but the data can be rearranged and filtered to show Placement ascending (lowest position to highest position within the grade) or Placement complete which displays the students who have completed the Doodle Placement and those still in placement progress.

  • A blue diamond in the table denotes a completed placement

  • A dotted circle shows that the child has not yet completed the placement

  • An orange diamond will log the result of a historical placement - thus aiding with demonstrating progress within the program

Student view

Teachers can get a more detailed data about each student's placement exercises, by switching to Student View at the top of the graph, or by clicking on the link in the card displayed when hovering over the student's diamond or dotted circle in Class View.

  • The CCS topic is displayed as well as the time taken to answer each question.

  • Each question is also labelled as correct, incorrect or skipped.

  • The confidence rating given by the student at the end of the exercise is noted.

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