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What are my child's target DoodleStars?
What are my child's target DoodleStars?

How many DoodleStars should my child be earning each week?

Updated over a week ago

The weekly target chosen for a child is a default target based on their point within the work program or a custom target chosen by a parent to meet a specific goal. *It is useful to note that a premium home subscription is required for this feature.

The default targets are calculated by a child's X-a-day + 10. Hitting these targets will ensure that children are working within their Green Zone.

5-a-day : 35 stars
6-a-day : 40 stars
7-a-day : 45 stars
8-a-day : 50 stars
9-a-day : 55 stars
10-a-day : 60 stars

Families can choose a custom academic goal for a child (such as meeting X% of Grade 2 standards by X) which will change their weekly target. Personalized targets can be set from the View Progress page of the Family Dashboard.

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