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Making the most out of your free trial

How to make the most out of unlimited premium access

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It's official! You are now a premium subscriber, have unlocked all of DoodleMath's fantastic features, and your child has unlimited access to unlimited learning. How can you and your child make the most out of your trial?

Support and encourage your child to complete their Doodle Placement

When a child first logs into the app they will need to complete a Doodle Placement, this will identify each child’s learning gaps and ensures that their Doodle work program is at just the right level for them. They will be asked a series of questions to determine their current level and confidence. This helps Doodle to create them a unique work program tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.

Questions are unlikely to be at the right level to begin with, so don’t worry if they’re finding them too hard or too easy. The purpose of the placement is to find their correct level. Encourage children to work independently through the questions and have a go at anything they’re unsure about.

Create a Doodling routine and motivate your child to Doodle daily

Creating a routine from the very start with Doodle will ensure that your child gets the most from their learning. Our 'little and often' approach of using Doodle for 10-minutes a day is designed to increase a child's confidence with learning as well as boost their academic attainment.

Explore your Families Dashboard account

The Families Dashboard is your go-to online hub where you can keep track of your child's activities and progress within Doodle. You can analyze your child's effort, understanding and progress across the Doodle subjects, set assignments for your child and create personalized rewards to motivate and engage your child in their learning.

Set a personalised target for your child

Setting a goal or target is a great way to support your child if they need a little more support in their learning, or to provide an extra challenge!

Celebrate your child's success

As we do through our program, we recommend celebrating and rewarding your child's effort with Doodle. By encouraging your child and celebrating their successes within Doodle, they'll be motivated and enthusiastic to keep coming back for more learning.

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