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How can I analyze my child's understanding of common core standards?
How can I analyze my child's understanding of common core standards?
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The Analyze > Understanding page of the Families Dashboard includes several features:

  • Families will be shown which areas of the curriculum the child has an understanding of

  • Families will be able to compare a child's understanding from previous Doodle Placements to their current understanding.

  • A Doodle Placement for a child can be started

  • Assignments can be added from this page

  • Tricky questions are shown on this page, denoted by an exclamation mark next to the CCS that the question came from

The child data is displayed using a 'Traffic light' system or a 'RAG rating' which takes into account the number of questions answered and the accuracy shown by the child when answering questions.

Red = the child is currently developing their understanding of this area

Amber = the child is working at an average level for this area

Green = the child is exceeding expectations for this area

A green rating with a white + sign denotes that the child has mastered that particular subject

Assignments can be added to a child's account by clicking on the '+' sign next to the CCS title.

Place a tick mark in the box next to the assignment you which to assign to your child's account.

Select which child you'd like to set the assignment for and the date you'd like to assignment to appear within the child's Learning Zone.

Families can view the dates of all Doodle Placements completed by their child(ren). By clicking on a Doodle Placement date, the Doodle Placement column will show the understanding of the child at that specific placement, compared to their current understanding, thus showing progress.

It is possible to start a new Doodle Placement from this tile, and Families will be prompted to start a new Doodle Placement if their child(ren) have not completed a recent placement.

If a child is currently in the process of completing a Doodle Placement, a notification will appear on this page.

💡 Need more help? Feel free to contact our lovely customer support team by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen, they will be happy to help!

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