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Doodle is for...Assessment and Data Meetings

How can Doodle be used for assessment and data meetings in your school?

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The Doodle programs generate a huge amount of important data about your students’ effort, understanding and progress. All of this information is available for you to use to inform your teaching, and it can even be exported to share in Pupil Progress Meetings.


The data Doodle provides can be used for both formative and summative assessments. While the program acts on all of its information to automatically inform future content, teachers can act on results immediately, too! From Work programs > View understanding you can instantly view your students’ current understanding, and even set targeted Assignments from that page to any individuals, groups or classes based on this data.

You can also export all data from Doodle for analysis. This can be done for different purposes from Work programs> View progress and Work programs > View understanding.


Gather data for meetings, such as Pupil Progress Meetings, from Work programs > View progress. Here you can view and export the percent of End of Year (EoY) objectives that have been covered in the Doodle programs over any custom time period.

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Special effort can be celebrated as well by focussing on and rewarding those learners regularly in their target green zone or with great streaks in Work programs > View effort.

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