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How can Doodle be used during handover to new teachers or schools?

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Doodle provides a range of information that could be used during handover to new teachers or schools. This could be anything from assessment data to easy recognition of a learner’s effort or enthusiasm!

Work programs > View Placement shows how students have got on with their placement, you can view the questions a child was given and whether they answered them correctly or incorrectly.

Work programs > View Progress will show your class’ progress over time. Make sure your learners Doodle ‘little and often’ for the most accurate data to hand over!

Work programs > View Coverage provides an in-depth snapshot of the topics each child has covered and their accuracy on these topics. This data is arranged according to the common core standards (CCS)

Work programs > View effort provides information to help you recognize the effort of all of your learners, no matter where they are working in the curriculum. If you have learners who are regularly in their target green zone, or with great streaks, pass on this information to their next teacher so they can recognize and celebrate this effort from the get-go!

⭐️ Top tip ⭐️

Export the data from any of the Work programs pages by pressing Export.

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