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How can Doodle be used to support intervention in schools?

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DoodleMath is a great tool to support intervention in schools!

Firstly, the information available on the Educators Dashboard can provide the perfect areas to focus on in intervention groups! Any member of staff can head to Work Programs > Coverage to view students’ gaps and plan their intervention session. You can view the CCS topics that they have covered and their accuracy within these topics.

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Expand CCS to gain a further insight.

The Doodle work programs themselves are often used during intervention sessions by learners! Students can work on their personalized work programs (their ‘x-a-day’) and save questions as ‘Tricky’ to be discussed with/supported by the member of staff.

Also, specific, targeted Assignments could be assigned for the intervention session, and all of the learners could go through these independently or as a group together. If an Assignment is set from the Educator Dashboard, then students can receive support on the questions if needed, which won’t affect their personalized programs - just like the ‘Tricky Questions'.

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Keep an eye out for Tricky Questions, highlighted in Work programs > Coverage with an exclamation mark.

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