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How do I link my family email to my child's school account?
How do I link my family email to my child's school account?

Linking a family email to a child's school account

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Linking your family email to your child's school account is really important (and really easy!) to do. By linking your family email you will be able to monitor your child's progress on the Families Dashboard. This will help ensure that you make the most out of your child's subscription to Doodle!

In app

  1. Ask your child to open up their Doodle app and login with the username and password as provided by their school - if you're not sure what these are, please contact the school directly rather than creating a new account for them.

  2. From the Learning Zone click on the arrow in the top left hand corner

  3. Select Settings from the menu

  4. Select Family details along the top

  5. Please complete the security gate by entering the numbers shown

  6. If you're new to Doodle please click on Create parent account. If you already have a Doodle account (perhaps because you already have another child using Doodle, or have used Doodle in the past), click on Link existing account

  7. Then follow the steps by inputting your details to link your parent email to your child's account

Via the Family Dashboard

  1. If you're new to Doodle click on Create account and follow these steps to firstly create your parent account and then login to the Family Dashboard. If you already have a parent account, simple login to the Family Dashboard

  2. Once logged in, hover over My Account and select Child Details

  3. Click on Link to my child's school account

6. Enter the username and password your child was provided by their school to link to their account. Please don't create a new account for your child, but ensure that you link to their existing school account.

💡 Need more help? Feel free to contact our lovely customer support team by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen, they will be happy to help!

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