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How-to for Families
How-to for Families

Step-by-step guides and workflows

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How to create a Family PIN
How to update your child's details on the Families DashboardIf you have forgotten your child's login details, or can't login, you can easily update or view them via the Families Dashboard
How to link your family email to your child's school account?Linking a family email to a child's school account
How to reinstate a child's streak on the Families DashboardHas your child accidentally broken their streak? Not to worry- reinstating a streak is super simple to action from the Families Dashboard.
How to update your payment card detailsI need to update my existing card details, or add/remove a card
How to delete an accountHow to delete an account as your child no longer uses it or if you created it by mistake
How to view stars for a custom time periodIt's easy to look back and view the number of stars earned over a particular time period.
What is Doodle Placement, and how can my child complete it?How to complete setting up your child's account when you are prompted to complete the calibration phase.
Assignments: setting, analyzing and creating customHow to add Assignments to your child's work program, monitor their progress and create your very own assignments!
How to create a custom reward for my child
How to download your child's Doodle progress reportHow to print a child's progress report on the Families Dashboard
How to switch from a monthly to an annual subscriptionI would like to change subscriptions from a monthly to an annual, or annual to a mo
How to link my family login with Apple, Google or Facebook
How to delete an AssignmentRemoving Assignments from a child's account via the Families Dashboard
How to add a subscription via the Families Dashboard to an existing child account?I already have a Doodle account, but I'd like to add a new subscription